Weekly Round Up 4/18/2016

The weather is beautiful, it’s Derby time, and it’s an exciting time of the year.  Our challenge is keeping our students focused and working while motivating them to do their best here at the end of the year.  We have great kids and great staff, so I know we are going to end this year on a high note!


We have now gone through each component of the KY Framework for Teaching, highlighting a different one each week for the past year in order to better understand the characteristics of Accomplished teaching.

As we come to the end of our first year of full implementation of PGES, it is time for some required end-of-the-year reflection and activities.  We are going to spend our staff meeting next week working on this too.

Prior to  Tuesday’s staff meeting, all teachers must pull together their assessment data in order to determine how students have demonstrated documented growth and proficiency on the enduring skill identified for each teacher’s Student Growth Goal.  That information will be documented on an E2 form (which we will do at the staff meeting).  If your PLC used the same goal, you can work together to reflect on the results of your individual class and to discuss what worked well and what needs improvement.

Other pieces of our end-of-year reflection are progress toward the Professional Growth Goal identified at the beginning of the school year and Student Voice survey results.  We will be working on all of these things at the staff meeting, and I will have forms and instructions for you.  I hope to make this clear and helpful, even though I know it is all very overwhelming.

All certified staff members need to be in attendance.  If you are not at school that day, you will need to schedule a time with me or your supervising administrator to go over this information.  We are all learning this new process together, so we will go through it all step-by-step.


PBIS Tip: “Mantra” for Classroom Management

For the best results, remember this classroom management ‘mantra’: Will what I am about to do or say bring me closer or will it push me away farther from the person with whom I am communicating?


starBIG congratulations to Sarah Graham and Jenny Lin on a very successful year for Dance Maroon.  The event was so fun and well organized, and they  surpassed their goal by raising $50, 587.80!  I also want to give a shout out to the teachers and staff who came to take a “pie in the eye” from students.  The Math Department showed out in a big way, so I have to single them out.  Thanks to Mary Eschels, Debbie Rainey, Adam Hartigan, Andrew Tullbane, Jennifer Bean, April Person, Emily David, Elizabeth Clements, Shelby Daeschner,  Bryan Rich, Lesli Poynter, and John Bunting for being such good sports.

star Emily Forrester had a very busy day on Saturday.  First, one of her students, Emma Lawson, was selected as the 1st prize winner in the Louisville Zoo’s Trashformation Art Contest.  Then, that evening, she attended the KY Museum of Arts and Crafts Couture Fashion Show, where Morgan Neaveill wore her original design that was selected for the event.  Very successful week for the Art Department!

star Congratulations to these Juniors who were selected for the 2016 Governor’s Scholars Program: McKenzie Ballard, Benjamin Cadle, Catherine McShane, Bailey Morris, Cole Roberts, Claire Scott, and Jadyn Sgro!


√ Save the Date: Our summer professional learning workshop will be June 8-9 this year.  If you attend both days, you will earn 12 hours of professional development credit.  There will be other opportunities for PD through a school-wide book study and district PD on specific content areas (that calendar should be coming out soon).

√ On next Monday, August 25, our PTSA will have coffee and muffins available for all of our staff over in the counseling suite before school.  This is a “kick-off” to our testing season, and they wanted to recognize your hard work preparing our students.

√ Also, the big Teacher Appreciation luncheon by the PTSA, also in the counseling suite, will be Wednesday, May 18 (the day after we are off for Election Day).  This date is a little after Teacher Appreciation Week, but because of all of the testing going on, we did not want anyone to miss out.

√ We will follow the same final exam schedule the last 3 days of the school year that we used in December for mid-terms.  I have attached here a sheet with all of our Bell Schedules, and exam schedules are on the 2nd page.


Happy Birthday in April to: Susan Davis (1st), Michael Harstad (3rd), Debbie Rainey (4th), Andrew Tullbane (4th), Jay Crocker (5th), Patty Bradford (9th), Erica Grossberg (10th), Loretta Roscoe (12th), Michelle McKelvy (19th), Rosemary Dawson (21st), Flannery Musk (21st), Kim Brakmeier (22nd), April Person (26th), Portia Wright (27th), April Davis (29th), Carl White (29th), Donna Evans (30th)!



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