Weekly Round Up 8/29/2016

At Ballard High School, our mission is to maximize every minute with our students to provide them high level, responsive, engaging instruction in a safe, student-centered environment where all are treated with dignity and kindness.

As we prepare for Open House tomorrow evening, think about ways to make your parent presentation interactive or visual.  Do you have examples of student work, photos, or even video clips to show them their students in action?  Give them a peek into your personality – YOU are the reason they show up for Open House.  They want to meet these people their kids come home and talk about!

I came across this online:

What Parents REALLY Want From an Open House

In my experience, what family members expect is relatively simple:

1)   A clean and organized classroom that their child takes ownership of
2)   A warm and friendly teacher who welcomes them
3)   An informal, easy-to-understand presentation that provides a good sense of what the year will be like

Parents have no idea what to expect from a teacher their children have never had before.  Most of them are not worried about how often you’ll be giving science tests or what materials you’ll use to teach addition.  They want to know:

*   Does the teacher like my child?
*   Does the teacher care about the kids and enjoy teaching?
*   Does the teacher want to support me and my child?
*   Is the teacher going to be fair and easy to work with?


images (1) Outstanding in Your Field: What It Takes to Be a Great Teacher.

images (1) Are we providing our students the chance to engage in all of these ways to learn?


Power of Positivity


Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 6.42.51 PM


√ Last Thursday evening, we had a great parent session about Advanced Placement.  This was our first one, and it was well attended and much appreciated by the parents.  BIG thanks to the following who attended and spoke with parents: Mark Gividen (and he gets credit for the idea and making it happen!), Scott McDonald, Bryan Rich, Micah Owen, Jesse Whitt, Kristin Baker, Lesli Poynter, Mary Eschels, Andrew Tullbane, Chris Osters, Keri Polevchak, Myra Collins, Michelle Livesay, and AP Coordinator Kerri Dixon.

√ Our Fine Arts Department has undertaken a big fundraising effort to help repair and renovate our Fine Arts Center.  It needs a lot of TLC and new equipment, but through their efforts, we are well on our way to being able to get a lot fixed this year.  Bravo!


Happy Birthday in August to: James Underwood (1st), Shelby Daeschner (3rd), Barbara Virnig (3rd), Claudia Rosas (4th), Miles Gordon (7th), Eddie Fossett (10th), Bill Lacap (13th), Michael Abrams (20th), Mary Eschels (21st), Jenny Lin (23rd), Alice Ritter (27th), and Chris Kinney (30th)!



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