Weekly Round Up



At Ballard High School, our mission is to maximize every minute with our students to provide them high level, responsive, engaging instruction in a safe, student-centered environment where all are treated with dignity and kindness.

I want to extend big thanks to everyone who planned, helped with, and carried out the various activities to make Homecoming 2016 special for our students.  Thanks to Kim Barber and Bruin Nation for all they did in all of the preparations.  Thanks to the teachers who dressed up for spirit days and who were at their assigned posts to help supervise the pep rally. Thanks to Lakunta Farmer and Natalie Waddell for planning the pep rally. Thanks to Carl Kling for involving the marching band in all of the activities.  Thanks to the Step Team, Cheerleaders, and Dance Team for their performances.  Thanks to the class sponsors for helping students prepare the banners. Thanks to the teachers who helped with Homecoming Court and the halftime activities. Thanks to Mike Copley for a big win on Homecoming night. Thanks to the APs, Counselors, and Ray Yaksic for chaperoning the dance Saturday night. It takes teamwork and devotion to our students, which all of these individuals display, and I am very appreciative.


images (1) I really like some of the ideas in this article about giving students opportunities to have voice and choice in their work through projects that engage them with content.

images (1) Here is a video, created by a high school student, about the power of students displaying and sharing their work.  Think about how you make public your students’ work. If you do not have student work posted in your room, why not?  How can we do a better job celebrating and showcasing the work our students do in our classrooms?

Power of Positivity




√ We are now over halfway through the first grading period.  It is imperative – and required by contract – that you have grades updated in Infinite Campus by this point. Students and parents deserve a fair understanding of their progress, and it is my expectation that grades are up-to-date and accessible at a minimum every 3 weeks.

√ Welcome back this week to Jenny Lin, who is returning from her maternity leave.

√ Congratulations to our preferred sub and Ballard alum Max Slinde, who has accepted a teaching position at Valley High School, which he started this past week.

√ Unfortunately Portia Wright has to leave us to take care of some health matters.  We wish her all the best.

√ Also, please keep math teacher Rob Donaldson in your thoughts, as he has been readmitted to ICU this weekend.


Happy Birthday in September to: Michelle Miller (4th), Kim Barber (9th), Mark Catlett (9th), Gladys Akrong (10th), Kerri Dixon (13th), Terri Sgro (15th), Chris Ann Cherry (19th), Lesli Poynter (19th), Alissa Hebermehl (21st), Annie Katzman (23rd), Elle Bond (25th), Myra Collins (28th), Natalie Waddell (30th)!



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