Weekly Round Up 10/9/16


At Ballard High School, our mission is to maximize every minute with our students to provide them high level, responsive, engaging instruction in a safe, student-centered environment where all are treated with dignity and kindness.

Now that we have our state testing data, we will be working on school improvement plans for the next couple of months.  Many of the strategies and activities for specific content areas will be generated in PLCs and departments.  We also need to focus on some school-wide areas for improvement, such as writing and CCR.  This is a crucial time for us to decide how we are going to move Ballard forward – into the 21st century and to the top of the pack.  We need to draft innovative, forward-thinking plans that honor the educational needs of students in this day and age and do it in a way that preserves that which is essentially “Ballard”.  Stay tuned!



images (1) I really like some of the ideas in this article.  No technology required to students thinking and writing.  http://www.edutopia.org/blog/interactive-notebooks-no-special-hardware-christina-lovdal-gil?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=socialflow.

images (1)In order to take instruction to a higher cognitive level, we have to put the thinking and the sensemaking into the hands/brains of the students.  Please take a moment to reflect on this article and establish some “thinking moves” into every lesson. https://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/2016/03/31/when-kids-have-structure-for-thinking-better-learning-emerges/

Power of Positivity

From Jon Gordon:

The Power of a Positive Team

Many think that you have to choose between positivity and winning. But the truth is you don’t have to choose. Positivity leads to winning.

Michael Phelps was recently interviewed by Bob Costas where he described his approach to building a positive team before the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

“Every now and then you hear a bunch of negative comments or someone complaining and during training camp at one of the meetings I said to the guys that we are getting ready to go to the Olympics, this is what we have to do and if there is a negative comment keep it to yourself. The more positivity we have as a team the better off we are going to be\ As soon as I said that we all became closer and then we really started getting going.”

When I heard Michael say these words I was thrilled because he shared a truth with the world that I have witnessed countless times throughout the years. A team with talent can be good. But they must come together to be great. Positivity is the glue that enhances team connection and performance and it impacts office teams, school teams, church teams, and hospital teams as much as it does Olympic teams.

I’ve seen very positive teams with average talent accomplish more than anyone thought possible.

I’ve also seen negative teams with a lot of talent accomplish far less than everyone thought was possible.

Positive teams work together more effectively. They stay positive, connected and committed through challenges. They maximize each other’s talent. They believe together and achieve more together.

Positive, high performing teams don’t happen by accident. They are built by leaders and team members who reduce the negative and add a big dose of positive. When you subtract negativity and add positivity to your talent, the sky is the limit.

The great news is that you don’t have to be an Olympic champion with 28 medals to begin the process. You can be just like you and me. You can say enough with the negativity. Let’s get positive. Let’s get going.



√ We will have an open work session for Student Growth Goals this Thursday after school in the library.  If you want to run your ideas past someone or just want to force yourself to sit down and do it, come on by!

√ Chris Ann Cherry has accepted a new position at Central High School, and we wish her all the best in her new endeavor.

√ We welcome Kellea Charleston to our 2nd shift custodial staff.  Let’s give her a warm Bruin welcome as she gets started tomorrow.

√ Congratulations to members of our Ballard Choir who had the opportunity to perform with the Louisville Orchestra Saturday night the orchestra’s season opener.  It was a beautiful performance.


Happy Birthday in October to: Glenda Jones (1st), Dave “Sarge” Hill (2nd), Greg Willis (7th), Suzanne Taylor (11th), Kathy Cail (16th), Sarah McClanahan (20th), Chris Osters (23rd), Terrie Gupton (25th), Todd Howard (26th), Vicki Conley (29th), Mariana Tackett (29th), John Bunting (31st), and Naresh Keswani (31st)!



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