Weekly Round Up 10/30/16


At Ballard High School, our mission is to maximize every minute with our students to provide them high level, responsive, engaging instruction in a safe, student-centered environment where all are treated with dignity and kindness.

This weekend we had the opportunity to talk with parents of 8th graders who are deciding which high school to attend.  In our district, parents do have some choices, and we have to actively tell families why they should choose Ballard.  I want to sincerely thank the small but dedicated group of teachers who gave their time Friday or Saturday to promote our school: Bryan Rich, Adam Hartigan, Suzanne Taylor, Don Evans, Donna Evans, Steve Scherdin, Tricia Meeley, Mike Jackson, Glenda Jones, Ray Yaksic, John Bunting, Boyd Gudgel, Phil Johnston, Terri Sgro; Tonkeyta Rodgers and Alissa Hebermehl for working extra shifts so that we had enough people in our booth; and Emily Forrester, Vicky Gapen, and Kerri Dixon for setting up and breaking down our lovely booth!

Our next important recruiting event is 8th Grade Open House on November 10.  It is critical that we have many teachers in attendance to greet parents and students.  We often hear from parents that they made their decision to attend Ballard because of the open house.  Please put it in your calendar and let Mrs. Dixon know you will attend.


images (1) As a follow-up to what we discussed in our faculty meeting Tuesday, I invite you to read this brief article: Career-Readiness Isn’t What It Used To Be.

images (1) Here is another article about the kinds of skills our students will need as they leave us and enter careers: College and Career Ready: Soft Skills Are Crucial.

Power of Positivity




√ Monday is Halloween, so break out those costumes and let’s have some fun!  The Bruin Buzz staff will coordinate a costume contest, so you are dressed up, please stop by Mr. Crume’s room sometime Monday to be photographed.  The categories will be:

Funniest/Wackiest, Scariest, Best Group Theme, and Most Creative

√ If you have not yet joined the BHS Staff group for Remind, please do the following:          Text this message – @86d92f – to this number – 81010.

√ We hope to have 2 new custodians starting with us next week.  We will almost be fully staffed!  For a couple of months we have been down 3 positions, so I want to thank Jana and her crew for their hard work during this difficult time.  Please take a moment to thank Jana, Amanda, Colt, April, Kevin, Kellea, and Kerry for all they do for us.

√ Deanna Comstock has decided to take child-rearing leave to be home with her baby for a couple of years.  Her last day with us is Thursday.


Happy Birthday in October to: Glenda Jones (1st), Dave “Sarge” Hill (2nd), Greg Willis (7th), Suzanne Taylor (11th), Kathy Cail (16th), Sarah McClanahan (20th), Chris Osters (23rd), Terrie Gupton (25th), Todd Howard (26th), Vicki Conley (29th), Mariana Tackett (29th), John Bunting (31st), and Naresh Keswani (31st)!

Happy Birthday in November to: Bryan Rich (2nd), Amy Scott (2nd), Amy Meeron (6th), Marti Hageman (9th), Deb Spano (13th), Jordan Couzo (18th), Ryan Gilliland (21st), Nikki Fisher (22nd), Micah Owen (22nd), Michelle Lewis (22nd), Brad Hultz (23rd), Ronda Fields (25th), Amanda Holguin (26th), Calvin Kirby (28th), and Sarah Niemann (30th)!



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