Weekly Round Up 12/5/16


At Ballard High School, our mission is to maximize every minute with our students to provide them high level, responsive, engaging instruction in a safe, student-centered environment where all are treated with dignity and kindness.

It was a busy weekend around Ballard!  It is always affirming to see all of the great things our students, parents, and staff members are doing.  Our boys and girls basketball teams are off to a great start to the season, and the baseball team had a very successful holiday craft fair this weekend.  The choral program presented the lovely Madrigal Feaste for the 36th  year and the Jazz Band put on a swinging holiday concert.  This week there is plenty more to enjoy with orchestra and band concerts and a choral concert next week, not to mention auditions for the spring musical.  I appreciate everyone’s hard work to provide such rich experiences for our students.


images (1)Here is a short article with some creative activities to encourage students’ critical thinking: https://globaldigitalcitizen.org/5-team-building-games-critical-thinking.

Power of Positivity



√ We will not have a faculty meeting this week in order to give you time to prepare for mid-term exams and the end of the semester.  However, I do need to ask that you complete the following 2 tasks in lieu of the meeting:

  1. Please complete this very brief survey on a subset of the data we will collect from the TELL survey in a couple of months: https://goo.gl/forms/e0OKa6dOHDfAMwWG2.
  2. Submit a copy of your mid-term exams/projects to your supervising administrator by next Monday, Dec. 12 (Science, Health & PE – Bunting; World Language, Fine Arts – Dixon; English, Math – Eddleman; Social Studies, Business & Technology – Gudgel; Special Education – Rodgers).

√ Please continue enforcing the new procedures regarding hall passes.  Working together we can reduce the traffic in the halls in order to provide a safer environment:

  • No hall passes the first 10 minutes or last 10 minutes of class.

  • No hall passes during 5th period. 

  • No hall passes after 2:00.

These also apply to teacher aides.  If you have specific needs during these times, please speak with me.

**Note: the 10 minute rule does not apply to students going to math tutoring.  Students who have a math tutoring note may report early in their class period so as to get enough time with the tutors.

√ Planning began last spring to create for Ballard an Athletic Hall of Fame in order to create an exciting event to bring alumni back to the school to be involved.  Many folks have worked to make this dream a reality, and I am happy to announce that we will host the inaugural Hall of Fame banquet on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017, at the Marriott East ballroom.  Tickets can be purchased for the event at bhshof.eventbrite.com.  It is a public event, and all are invited to attend.  We have 11 in our first class of inductees to honor.  They are: Marty Bailen (longtime supporter), Pat Crawford (1st principal), Allan Houston (class of 1989), Jeremi Johnson (class of 1999), Jeff Lamp (class of 1977), Gary Plock (class of 1974), Jim Reuther (1st athletic director), Sally Sligar (class of 1975), Jeremy Sowers (class of 2001), Susan Stoddard (class of 1982), and Kent Taylor (class of 1973).


√ For your reference again, here is the mid-term exam schedule for the last 3 days of the semester.  The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, December 14

First period: 7:40-8:18

Second period 8:22-9:00

Third period 9:04-9:42

Fourth period 9:46-10:24

Fifth period 10:28-11:04

Sixth period 11:08-12:16

Lunch 1 11:08-11:28

Lunch 2 11:32-11:52

Lunch 3 11:56-12:16

Seventh period 12:20-2:20 (exam)

Thursday, December 15

First period: 7:40-9:50 (Extra time for attendance)

Second period: 9:55-12:15

Lunch 1 11:05-11:25

Lunch 2 11:30-11:50

Lunch 3 11:55-12:15

Third period: 12:20-2:20

Friday, December 16

First period: 7:40-7:50 (Attendance)

Fourth period: 7:54-9:50

Fifth period: 9:55-12:15

Lunch 1 11:05-11:25

Lunch 2 11:30-11:50

Lunch 3 11:55-12:15

Sixth period: 12:20-2:20

*We will send out the specifics on lunch assignments next week, but some of you will have to have the split class during the exam, so you may have to give part of the test before lunch and part after lunch.

**We expect everyone to give some kind of culminating assessment of student learning during this time.  This is not an opportunity to have a party or show a movie – students need to be working during these exam times.

***Students must remain in the classroom for the entire period.  There will be no passes to the library or computer lab during these times.


Happy Birthday in December to: Mike Copley (1st), Mark Holien (1st), Lindsey Dobson (2nd), Paula Levinson (5th), Ashley Newton (7th), Jennifer Bean (8th), Tricia Meeley (9th), Jeff Golliday (9th), Victoria Watkins (10th), Spencer Zimmerman (10th), Faith Anderson (11th), Kim Drury (11th), Michelle Livesay (12th), Paul Holien (16th), Noel Weaver (16th), Phil Johnston (19th), Boyd Gudgel (22th), Steve Scherdin (22nd), Tonkeyta Rodgers (24th), Chris Goodwin (25th), and Noelle Barnes (30th)!



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