Weekly Round Up 2/5/2017


At Ballard High School, our mission is to maximize every minute with our students to provide them high level, responsive, engaging instruction in a safe, student-centered environment where all are treated with dignity and kindness.

This week we have a lot going on that allows us to celebrate Ballard! First, it’s Spirit Week, and the students of Bruin Nation have come up with fun themes for dressing up each day. The students love it when teachers join in the fun, so feel free to wear your pajamas tomorrow for Pajama Day!

Also, this Thursday, we will be visited by a team creating a marketing video for our school. JCPS has contracted with a firm to create these videos for every school, and it’s our turn this Thursday. They will interview students and take footage in some classrooms. There is nothing you all need to prepare for or do differently, but if you are doing something in your classes Thursday that would provide good footage, please let me know early in the week.


images (1) This article is a quick read with scaffolding strategies to support students as they read complex texts.

images (1) Here is an article with some strategies to help students who struggle with reading textbooks.

Power of Positivity




√ Next Monday (2/13), we will welcome 2 new staff members to our school! Our new Youth Services Center Coordinator, to replace Yvonne, is Runette Thomas. Joining the Health/PE Department is Jackson Arnett.

√ In a separate e-mail, I will send out a “No Fly List.” This is a list of students who we see in the halls a lot and who are good at finding ways to get out of class. Please do not issue hall passes to these students, if they are in your class.

√ Please have your IC gradebook updated this week. The grading period ends next week, and students and parents need an accurate idea of what grades are.

√ Next week (Feb. 12-18) is national Random Acts of Kindness Week. Are there ways you can incorporate empathy and kindness into lessons and student activities next week? There are many websites with ideas.

√ Thanks to all who came down during lunch to enjoy some soup and conversation for our first Fab Feb Friday. We have something else fun planned for this Friday, so stay tuned.


Happy Birthday in February to: Ronald Simmons (5th), Will Carter (6th), Colt Moore (7th), Sandy Klinglesmith (8th), Chris Renner (9th), Lakunta Farmer (10th), Gary Crume (12th), Don Evans (12th), Donna Gray (14th), Kim Marshall (15th), WS Walston (19th), Kevin Payne (20th), Kristy Holien (22nd), Lakisha May (23rd), Priscilla Murphy (26th), Nick Hibma (27th), Jackson Arnett (27th), and Ashley Ryan (28th)!



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